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The local animals tile wall is done!

Notice the cat door? I still have to grout and make some small fill in pieces for the bottom and anywhere else that has too wide of a gap. This is on both sides of my studio entrance.     1. I first put tar paper 2. Then I nailed up masonary mesh (a metal wire sheet) it was really hard to cut to size with tin snips. That’s why it is so uneven 3. I mixed up TEC mortar for large tiles and did an initial coat, pushing it into and behind the mesh. My tiles are heavy soContinue Reading

Animal tiled wall

I’m working on tiles depicting local animals. I’ve sculpted about 20 animals in bas relief. I’m so excited because I just bought a tabletop slab roller from the Ceramic Shop  in Norristown, PA. I was either rolling out slabs for tiles with a rolling pin or driving to my friends house to use her roller. I never thought I’d have the room for a huge roller. But this one goes on the table and breaks done small to be stored when not in use. It works perfect. The handle is super easy to turn. I still have 26 more vineContinue Reading

Ugly style drawings

I’ve been experimenting with a style of drawing that I’ve secretly been doing since art school. I never really showed them publicly because I was trained for perfection in art. But lately I’ve been like screw it- I’m going to just put this stuff out there. I just draw what amuses me. Little bites of life as I see it. I don’t worry about making it pretty, sexy or porportiately correct. I don’t worry about getting a likeness. I don’t worry about nothing. I just see, react and draw. What comes out, comes out. I’m not trying to please aContinue Reading

Mermaid shower complete

The photos kind of suck, but you get the idea. After many months of work she is finally installed into the beach house shower.

Shower Tiles

I’ve been furiously working on shower tiles the last few weeks. The above picture from Pinterest was the inspiration. So far 250 pounds of raw stoneware clay have become tiles. Square ones in 4 different sizes and rectangle ones in 5 different sizes. I’m using a glaze called Wintergreen that is just stunning. Each tile comes out with slightly different variations on the greenish blue color. It’s like each tile is a jewel. It’s a lot of hard, hard work, but when it’s all installed it will be worth it. Thank goodness the contractor is installing it. Good luck toContinue Reading

Etsy tip of the day.

Even if some of your etsy products are high end expensive, make sure you have some in the most common selling range. Between $3.00 and $ 25 is the average selling price of most of the items in the top selling Etsy shops. And don’t forget you demographics- women between the ages of 17-34. For some reason my stuff sells mostly to the west coast and over seas, I guess I’m too weird for the east coast!

The Starving Artist Diet

I’ve been trying to lose some weight. I very hard thing to do. I know that keeping a food diary really helps but it’s so BORING! So instead of writing, I’m drawing everything I eat, so much more fun! It’s cool to look at the whole day and see what I’ve eaten and to see patterns. So far so good. I’ve lost 10 pounds! Wahoo! Try it yourself, it works!

Martha Steward American Made Contest

I entered Martha’s contest. Wahoo! So vote for me if you like to see me win!I don’t know , its worth a chance. Maybe I’d get to be on her show.

Inigo Montoya

Now for sale at my Etsy Shop Porcelain head, hands and boots.  Inigo Montoya: Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die. Price: $170.00 Inigo Montoya as portrayed by Alejandro Diego Narwhal Though he was successful on stage, Alejandro Diego Narwhal’ s style is so cinematic it’s hard to imagine him acting in any other medium. His is a loathsome yet hilarious comic villain, which he is particularly adept at portraying in his close-ups. There, his range of facial ticks, stares and what-nots tell the story. When he isn’t outright villainous, he is adept at being vapid, smarmy,Continue Reading

What’s on my table today

I spent the day glazing and under painting. A few more Animal People and then I’m done with this idea for a while. But look who’s here! Cheech and Chong portrayed by a walrus and bison. The llama is the main guy from Clockwork  Orange. I forget his name. Is it Peter? They will be like all the other dolls made with a cloth body around a wire skelaton. I make them this way so their clothes can be put on and off easier. I sew all the little costumes by hand. It’ a fun! Now many hours later IContinue Reading

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