I am a visual storyteller and artist.

My walls, my shelves , my every bit of space is crowded with faces, eyes, little people who fill my days. I have a burning desire to capture the beauty I see in people and animals everyday. When I experience someone or something that moves me I have to express it in my art. Opening a shop was the perfect solution for sharing my creations and myself. Nothing makes me happier than knowing my little creation is going to a home to be loved and cared for.
I was conceived in an artist’s studio in Seattle while my mother modeled for pin-up calendars and I was born with a paint brush in my hand. I grew up in an catholic orphanage and bounced from foster home to foster home. As a child I found that people and pets slipped though my fingers like sand. Every year I attend a different school.I found that I could “keep” the people and experiences by turning them into art .
My art gave me that life line that enabled me to not only survive but to thrive and become the happy and whole woman I am today. I have my own big amazing family now and a husband who loves me and supports my art for forty,sunshiny, bright , wonderful years.
My art is full of stories, whimsy,adventures, fantasy and beauty. As am I.

After you read my graphic novel (Sacred Heart:The Orphanage Story on Amazon.)you will know more about me than anyone should know. I you already know grew up in a catholic orphanage and sometimes, for awhile, I’d go to foster homes. But I’d usually screw up and they would return me like a broken toy. I did grow up eventually (sort of) and recieved a full scholarship to the Art Institute of Philadelphia. I picked them because they had really cool TV commercials.

I found out I really liked learning and I just kept going to college. I took classes in anything that interested me. I have three B.S’s in Science,Professional Writing and Psychology. And an Associates in Illustration Art. In case you haven’t figured it out by now I also have a A.D.H.D degree in distract-ability.Turns out lots of creative types have a whole circus going on in their heads at all times, which is really lots of fun. I love to explore the world, another way to satisfy my insatiable craving for knowledge, so I travel, a lot.

I always come back to art, like a migrating bird comes home when springtime breezes scream. There’s no question in my mind that I have to create, I have to express my thoughts, my impressions about the world around me in a visual form. It’s just an itch I gotta scratch.

Want to buy my book? Click here- Sacred Heart: The Orphanage Story
  1. You are such a beautiful soul, Kathy! No wonder everyone loves you!! I have ADD too, and have had this card sitting at my house for you, but I haven’t been able to figure out where the “safe place” is where I tucked away your address. If you would be kind enough to send it to me, I would love to mail you your card. Be careful when you open it because there’s a GIANT hug inside just ready to spring out and grab you up! That actually sounds a little dirty doesn’t it? lol
    love you to pieces—

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