Baby doll eyes

This is what I got done yesterday.

This is the largest doll I’ve sculpted yet. It was a pure accident. I made another doll’s hand too big, so , of course, I had to make a body to go with the large hands. And that is how she got born. Good thing my real children weren’t accidents like that or I would’ve had 20 instead of 4!

Oh! She’s a little imp all right. You can see her personalitity coming out now. My dear friend, Sandy gave me the great idea of painting the eyes before I bisque fire so they are set when I put on the clear glaze for the glaze firing. I’ve been having trouble with the clear glaze making the black underglaze blur. I hate blurring, except when I want blurring and eyes are no place for blurring! But this poor baby was bisque fired before Sandy enlightened me so she may end up with blurry eyes. Maybe I’ll try the semi gloss glaze instead and see if that works? Scary stuff, this experimenting. But experiment we must! Or else how can we learn and discover new stuff.

I finished painting Mortica also. I plan on still dressing her in black sheer fabric or should I leave all porcelain????. What to do, what to do?

She has arms but since they with be strung and moveable they are separate.

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