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Bisque firing Done! Now put the puzzle back together.

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mermaid tiles bisque1

Putting the pieces back together. I am so glad I numbered them and added direction arrows.

After a week of bisque firing the tiles, the mermaid is ready to be painted. I have 5 days to paint and fire this tiles because we plan to install them next week. Can I do it? During the bisque firing I had one tiny chip pop off and I knocked one piece as I was loading it into the kiln and broke it. Thank goodness it is a mosaic. If something breaks , it just becomes another grout filled crack! Wahoo!

mermaid tiles bisque2

All back together. I am leaving an one eighth inch gap between each piece for the grout. I have not decided yet if the grout will be white , blue or black. What do you think?

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  1. Looks great! How did your sizing calculations work out?

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