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Zen & The Art Of Articulating Dolls By Using Ball Joints. Twigling. PDF 3.2MB
Zen is now available from twigling’s new site..

Aimi-doll. (Japanese)
Aimi-doll (Google Translation)
Aimi-doll (Babelfish translation)
How to Make Noah’s Doll (English)
How To Make Haru’s Doll. (Babelfish translation)
Futoyama’s Doll (Google Translation.)
Lewis Goldstein Doll Head Sculpting Tutorial 
Marika’s Dolls – Marika Spijkers, sculpting hands and feet 
Vivien Hoffpauir – Dolly Daydream 
DreamsCreator – The Record of Making Doll Head 
Morezmore Ball-Jointed Doll [Part Pix] 
Morezmore Ball-Jointed Doll [Part 1] 
Morezmore Ball-Jointed Doll [Part 2] 
How to Make A Ball Jointed Doll – Part 1
How to Make A Ball Jointed Doll – Part 2
How to Make A Ball Jointed Doll – Part 3
How to Make A Ball Jointed Doll – Part 4
How to Make A Ball Jointed Doll – Part 5
Ball-joint Tutorial 2 by *batchix on deviantART 
How To Make A Limb In Super Sculpey by *batchix 
Лепка «японской» куклы на шарнирах (Russian language of Modeling “Japanese” doll on hinges)
Modeling “Japanese” doll on hinges (Google Translation) 
Modeling “Japanese” doll on hinges (Babelfish Translation)
Chapter Ten: Making Your Own BJD From Scratch at
Martha Armstrong-Hand’s Method at Enchanted.
Molding and Casting a Doll Head A Photo Set at Flickr Silicone Rubber Mold Making Tutorial by Donn Kinney of Bishonen House.

Blogs & Other Stuff

Hanano Blog
Hanano YouTube Channel
moodily lit tubes tags casting twigling livejournal 
moodily lit tubes tags sculpting twigling livejournal 
moodily lit tubes tags moldmaking twigling livejournal 
moodily lit tubes tags dolls twigling livejournal 
moodily lit tubes tags bjd twigling livejournal 
present for all !!! tutorial for dollmaking (The Joint Forum – Register / Sign in) 
present for all !!! – Page 5 – The Joint (The Joint Forum – Register / Sign in) 
How to Make a Jointed Doll Out of Sculpey | 
TinyCraft’s OOAK Dolls 101 
Making a Mohair Wig for your Fashion Doll 
Restringing a Ball-Jointed Doll
Fashion Doll Shoes

Den of Angels Artists Asian-styled BJDs (CLOSED)
You may need to be registered at DoA to view this link? 
This isn’t really a tutorial, per se, but it has many BJD work-in-progress threads.

Atelier de Poupée is a weblog about making a 60cm BJD in wax, to be cast in doll composition slip.


howons – YouTube
Ball Joint Doll – First Body
Ball Joint Doll – First Body – Take 2
Ball Joint Doll – 2nd Head

hanano001 – YouTube
Making of my 12 inches BJD

claudineroelens – YouTube
Sculpting a BallJointed Doll

kitebabe05 – YouTube
Sculpting a BJD

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