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October 21, 2014
by katdazzle

Shower Tiles

I’ve been furiously working on shower tiles the last few weeks. The above picture from Pinterest was the inspiration. So far 250 pounds of raw stoneware clay have become tiles. Square ones in 4 different sizes and rectangle ones in 5 different sizes. I’m using a glaze called Wintergreen that is just stunning. Each tile comes out with slightly different variations on the greenish blue color. It’s like each tile is a jewel. It’s a lot of hard, hard work, but when it’s all installed it will be worth it.

Thank goodness the contractor is installing it. Good luck to him! It ain’t gonna be easy!

September 1, 2014
by katdazzle

Etsy tip of the day.

Even if some of your etsy products are high end expensive, make sure you have some in the most common selling range. Between $3.00 and $ 25 is the average selling price of most of the items in the top selling Etsy shops. And don’t forget you demographics- women between the ages of 17-34. For some reason my stuff sells mostly to the west coast and over seas, I guess I’m too weird for the east coast!

August 27, 2014
by katdazzle

The Starving Artist Diet

I’ve been trying to lose some weight. I very hard thing to do. I know that keeping a food diary really helps but it’s so BORING! So instead of writing, I’m drawing everything I eat, so much more fun! It’s cool to look at the whole day and see what I’ve eaten and to see patterns. So far so good. I’ve lost 10 pounds! Wahoo!

Try it yourself, it works!

August 10, 2014
by katdazzle

Inigo Montoya

Now for sale at my Etsy Shop

Porcelain head, hands and boots. 

Inigo Montoya: Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

Price: $170.00

Inigo Montoya as portrayed by Alejandro Diego Narwhal

Though he was successful on stage, Alejandro Diego Narwhal’ s style is so cinematic it’s hard to imagine him acting in any other medium. His is a loathsome yet hilarious comic villain, which he is particularly adept at portraying in his close-ups. There, his range of facial ticks, stares and what-nots tell the story. When he isn’t outright villainous, he is adept at being vapid, smarmy, obsequious or just a little behind.

As you can see I sculpted the head, fins and boots in porcelain. I sewed the soft body over a wire skelaton so he is easier to dress and pose. He is part of a series of animal people portraying characters from movies, books and TVland. Isn’t he a fun one? He is from the movie ” The Princess Bride”

Inigo Montoya is a fictional character in William Goldman‘s 1973 novel The Princess Bride. In Rob Reiner‘s 1987 film adaptation he was portrayed by Mandy Patinkin. In both the book and the movie, he resided in the fictional country of Florin but came from Spain.

It’ll be fun making his clothes and sword. How do I make a tiny sword. I have no idea but I’m sure I’ll come up with something. Got any ideas?

August 5, 2014
by katdazzle

What’s on my table today

I spent the day glazing and under painting. A few more Animal People and then I’m done with this idea for a while. But look who’s here! Cheech and Chong portrayed by a walrus and bison. The llama is the main guy from Clockwork  Orange. I forget his name. Is it Peter?

They will be like all the other dolls made with a cloth body around a wire skelaton. I make them this way so their clothes can be put on and off easier. I sew all the little costumes by hand. It’ a fun!

Now many hours later I have almost everything painted and my back is aching from all the close work. I probably should get a higher table. I realized that I somehow forgot to make cheech’s arms! He needs his arms! This is a problem because I don’t want to wait for a whole cycle of filling up the kiln again. So what I’m doing to solve this problem is to quick sculpt some hands , let them dry till tomorrow and glaze them without bisque firing them. Just going straight to glaze firing. He better keep his fingers crossed that he doesn’t blow up.

Arn’e these two sisters adorable? They are my next idea. I’m going to do each season. They are summer and winter. I didn’t go ahead and make spring and fall till I checked if these two would fall off their skinny legs.. I put high fire wire inside of them, but I was so afraid they would crack as they shrunk  around they wire. They didn’t crack! Not yet but the little sisters aren’t out of the woods yet. They can still crack during the glaze firing. So stay tuned to see what happens.

It is a beautiful summer day and I’m sitting out on my screen porch painting away listening to French music. The kids are in the pool, the dog is asleep at my feet. Life is good.

July 29, 2014
by katdazzle

Art don’t fail me now

Art has always saved me. No matter what crazy things happened in my life, I could always turn to art to bring back sanity, peace and joy to my darkest days. But on July 4th , my husband who I have been in love with since I was 14 died from Pancreatic cancer.

My art couldn’t shield me from this horror. I don’t have the will  or interest to create. My brain tells my hands to do their magic but they rebel. They just lay there with heavy weights forcing them into inactivity. I grow inpatient. I don’t have time to mourn. I want to create, but my body stays immobile. Tears , tears and more tears just keep coming, preventing my eyes from seeing my visions of beautiful art. 

Everyday I force myself, with super human willpower to draw or sculpt something. It’s a tiny fraction of my normal work. If I keep going, they tell me it gets better. Maybe even a new art experience will come out of all this pain. This deep black hole of pain.

July 26, 2014
by katdazzle

Catcher in the Rye

Holden from the Catcher in the Rye is played by Rylan Rabbit. Rylan was born in Penang. Educated at Cambridge, his acting career began at the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh. He went on to join the RSC, where he first worked with the director Sam Mendes, and in the mid-90s he began his long association with the National Theatre. His many awards include the 2003 Laurence Olivier Theatre Award for Best Actor, for his role in Uncle Vanya at the Donmar Warehouse. He is appearing as Holden Caulfield in the Royal production of Catcher in the Rye at the Noel Coward Theatre in London until 15 January.

He is glazed porcelain head, hands and shoes. His body and tail are grey material stuffed and wired to pose. He comes with a wood base. I hand sewed his tiny shirt, tie,underwear and his coat and famous red wool hat. His clothes are removable.

I sold him on Etsy.

He is part of a series iam doing on animal people. I recreate some of my favorite characters in animal form. Half the fun is trying to figure out what animal best represents a special person. Not only by their look but also their personalitity traits.  

Here are some all lined up before I assemble them.

June 11, 2014
by katdazzle

Calling Doctor Ashley!

Let me introduce you to the new, just out of doctor school( drum roll, please) Doctor Ashley! The first rhinoceros to graduate top in her class from Drexel University. She starts her residency tomorrow at Hersey Medical. She will finally get paid in Hersey kisses so she can pay off her student loans.  

As you may have guess she is a nose, ear and throat doctor. Why not? She’s got the nose for it?

I sculpted her head, hands and feet in porcelain. Her body is a wire skelaton( so she is posable ) and stuffed with fluffy white fluff and a hand sewn body. I made her scrubs from one of my favorite skirts. It had to be sacrificed for art because it happened to be the perfect color.

I made her tiny bible from a page from an old family bible that had a lot of tiny Jesus words on it. Is nothing sacred when it comes to art? It is bound with a leather cover cut from a pair of leather pants found at the Goodwill store.

Her tiny otoscope is made from a charm of an old telephone, which I cut off pieces and then used black electrical tape to attach it to a Popsicle stick.

Her iPhone is also a bit of Popsicle stick covered with black electricle tape and a tiny photo of me stuck on the front with a piece of clear plastic cut from a cheese deli box.

Her stethascope is tiny IV tubing spliced together with beads as earbuds. I inserted a gold wire inside the tubing to add some glamour.

I hand stitch each tiny stitch because my husband has cancer and I sit by his side for many happy hours stitching away.

May 31, 2014
by katdazzle

Tiny little doll buttons

I’ll soon be sewing a lot of tiny doll clothes for my animal people sculptures. And I’ll need tiny buttons. I read about using a leather punch to punch out buttons from plastic or metal and then using a hot needle to make the holes in the plastic or an awl to make holes in the metal. I haven’t tried it yet, but once I do I post the results.