Boston Terrier puppy litter ready for new homes

boston_pup4 boston_pup_kevin boston_pup1 Boston_pup3

I like sculpting dogs. Their little faces are so expressive.All of my married life I’ve had a dog living with us. I can’t imagine a life without a dog. Well except when our standard poodle vomits on the rug.Then I can imagine it.
But usually dogs are wonderful family members.

This time I sculpted 6 Boston terriers because I love their graphic designer coats.

I’m selling what’s left of them on Etsy. 3 are already sold.

You get to pick from this litter of Boston Terriers. You let me know your choice by indicating the number in the options pull down menu. The proud Mamma is ready to let them go out into the world to make their own way. She’s tired. These little guys are enough to make a Mama pull her hair out. It’s not that they are bad, they are puppies with a lot of energy and curiosity. Each one is capable of wiggling into your heart.
I will sculpted the puppies from from porcelain clay. They are fired and glazed at 2250 degrees.
They stand about 3 inches tall.

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