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Broken bisque


Her arm broke!

Her arm broke!

I was sanding my second sculpture of Jesse and her arm broke right off! This sculpture has been causing me problems from the start. I’m going to attempt to repair it with this mixture:

SPOOZE variation #2: Use to attach anything, leatherhard, bone dry or bisqueware. Keep applying until cracks disappear.

Liquid sugar: any kind, honey, corn syrup, etc 1 part

vinegar 1 part

slip of your choice, any thickness 1 part

I think I’ll add some toilet paper also for good measure.

So I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will work.


Here is the first Jessee. I really had a lot of trouble with her. As I carried her to the kiln she broke at her ankles. I repaired her in the kiln with slip made with epsom salts. She broke in the kiln and fell backwards against the wall of the kiln so her base is t a crazy angle. I still love her but she can’t really stand. I have her rubberbanded to the fruit stand.

jess and guy

P.S. The fix did not work at all! So it when in the kiln apart and I will glue it when it comes out.


  1. remember the rule? The enemy of “good” is “it could be a little better”. If you haven’t already tried to fix it I have a new product that works pretty well. I can bring it to sculpture class on Wed, are you going?

  2. Am I going? I am there!

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