Calling Doctor Ashley!

Let me introduce you to the new, just out of doctor school( drum roll, please) Doctor Ashley! The first rhinoceros to graduate top in her class from Drexel University. She starts her residency tomorrow at Hersey Medical. She will finally get paid in Hersey kisses so she can pay off her student loans.  

As you may have guess she is a nose, ear and throat doctor. Why not? She’s got the nose for it?

I sculpted her head, hands and feet in porcelain. Her body is a wire skelaton( so she is posable ) and stuffed with fluffy white fluff and a hand sewn body. I made her scrubs from one of my favorite skirts. It had to be sacrificed for art because it happened to be the perfect color.

I made her tiny bible from a page from an old family bible that had a lot of tiny Jesus words on it. Is nothing sacred when it comes to art? It is bound with a leather cover cut from a pair of leather pants found at the Goodwill store.

Her tiny otoscope is made from a charm of an old telephone, which I cut off pieces and then used black electrical tape to attach it to a Popsicle stick.

Her iPhone is also a bit of Popsicle stick covered with black electricle tape and a tiny photo of me stuck on the front with a piece of clear plastic cut from a cheese deli box.

Her stethascope is tiny IV tubing spliced together with beads as earbuds. I inserted a gold wire inside the tubing to add some glamour.

I hand stitch each tiny stitch because my husband has cancer and I sit by his side for many happy hours stitching away.

Poppycock Puppets