Danny’s head

I’m almost done. Today I cut Danny’s head in half and scooped out his brains ( perfect for Halloween, right?) Really, I scrapped out all of the inside clay except about 3/4 of an inch thick. This is pretty tricky to do. You have to cut the head in half with a wire cutter . I was so a friend that it would split open and plop face down smashing all the work I had done? Thank goodness that Danny was there to help me. He cradled the 50 pound head while I sliced it from the top of the head to the base. Then we gently laid the two halts on pieces of egg crate foam. I scraped and scooped while “Leave it to Beaver” played in the background. 

After I got an even shell, I took a old fork and poked holes about 1/2″ deep all around on the inside so steam could escape easily. I sure wouldn’t want this head to explode in the kiln!

I mixed a slurry of old dried clay bits, Epsom salts and water to make a “glue” to put Humpty Dumpty back together again! I scratched the two edges with a fork and painted on the glue which is called Slip, if you want to use proper terms. Now it was time to slap the two halls back in place. A very tricky endeavor , since it was very hard to support his heavy head and not have his chest collapse. Again Danny helped me with this while I stuffed balled up newspaper inside for extra support until it stiffens up more. I patched the seam to make it invisible and then sprayed it with water and covered it with a garbage bag. I have lots more detail to do yet but I didn’t want to wait much longer for the hollowing out because of the potential for major damage in the process.

Poppycock Puppets