Mermaid tile blues

octopus tiles

I made it- all the tiles will be done in time! BUT…

to my horror the mermaid’s face and body turned blue! I painted her lovely skin with Fawn underglaze- 3 coats and then brushed a very, very watered down Amaco Indigo float Potter’s choice glaze. I just wanted a teeny, tiny tinge of blue.

GASP! She looks like an ugly, blotchy alien mermaid. I hate it. So all this intense hurrying has got me no where . I have to start from the beginning and redo her body.

I love the octopus- he is fabulous, don’t you think? I will happily share my shower with him. So the installation will not be taking place this week. My husband took off the whole week to help me put up the tiles and the rest of the shower. *sigh*

I vote for just forgetting the whole mess this week, hopping in the car and driving away into the sunset on an adventure.

This past week I painted all of the tiles in one day! I wasn’t sure I could do it- but i did it! I ran the kiln day and night and it would’ve been ready except for the mermaid blues..oh my.


Tile Mural wet clay size:68″ x 36″

Tile Mural final fired and glazed  clay size:61″ x 31.5″

Clay: Laguna/Millers Stoneware clay MC66 (75 pounds) cone 6

tiles : Wet clay .5 ” thick- shrunk to Final size:3/8ths thick


Skin: Amaco Velvet underglaze Fawn V-360 with watered down Amaco Potters choice Indigo Float PC-13 (BAD BAD CHOICE. skin color completely covered with dark blue blotches I used a 2:1 ratio)

Skin shadows: Amaco Teddy bear underglaze V-366

Hair: Red Brown Amaco velvet underglaze- V-313 (put down first to fill in cracks, then wiped off right away)
Orange – Amaco velvet underglaze- V-1003

Mermaid’s tail- Seaweed PC 42

Octopus: Amaco Potter’s choice: Salt bluff  PC-60- with pink underglaze on undersides of tentacles

Water Background: I used :

Amaco Potters choice Indigo Float PC-13- beautiful for water
Laguna’s Peacock (my favorite for water)
Amaco Potters choice Tourmaline PC-27



mermaid blues
  1. I wished I’d have listened to you and waited for the pretty glazes you suggested. I will go with you for that sale- if I can. Lerin is picking up clay for me at Dick Blick today, anything you need?

  2. I’m sorry you’re disappointed with how she turned out, but I think she looks very cool! I hope you don’t trash her. She may not be what you want for your shower, but she deserves to go somewhere where she will be admired. 🙂
    You did such a wonderful job! I am totally enjoying your process.
    Take it easy!

  3. Thank you Lotus. Maybe I’ll put her in my garden as a fancy stepping stone? Or plant flower around her. I really enjoyed the whole process,even though she blued out on me. My dolls are standing on top of the TV staring down at me with accusation. Audrey wants her poodle finished and her suitcases. She is so close to be done but the mermaid is taking every ounce of my time and energy. I have done nothing but eat,sleep and dream underwater mermaid tiles. It will all be worth it in the end. It’s part of what I like about ceramics- the DANGER! One never knows exactly what will happen.I prefer my life to be unpredictable.Don’t you?

  4. Opps! Sorry Sandy but Lerin won’t be going to Dick Blick because for some reason they don’t carry Laguna Millers clay MC66.
    Stupid store- why not? I need it. I need it bad, but not bad enough to go to Philadelphia to get it. A new pale skinned mermaid needs to be reborn.

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