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Sacred Heart: The Orphanage Story
Sacred Heart: The Orphanage Story

Sacred Heart: The Orphanage Story-

The mostly true graphic memoir, about a little girl, who along with her four brothers are abandoned by their mother. A tragicomic dealing with sex, violence, hope and happiness. A sometimes funny, sometimes sad but always told with brutal honesty. Seven year old Katy Sue just wants a family to love her, but in her search for love she finds something even more valuable. SACRED HEART is a graphically rendered account of growing up in rural Pennsylvania in the 1960s and 70s in a orphanage run by catholic nuns. Kathy O’Connell’s messy, dark,distinctive illustration style with its wry observations and amusing details is fun to read and examine, and draws you into her story quickly.This is a story that’s loud, frank,dirty and not easy to put down.


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