Noodling,smoothing, numbering mermaid tiles (2.5 hours)

mermaid arm

I didn’t work on the mermaid tiles all weekend since I was at the beach for Easter, and I only had a few hours to play with it yesterday. I rounded the edges, did a little more refining and cut grooves in the bottoms (for thin set to grab onto when it is on the wall). I began numbering the pieces. Since I cut out the tiles from the one very large piece on the drywall, the marks showed on the drywall (thank goodness!) so I used a thin marker and wrote numbers ,starting at the top and working down, then I carved the corresponding n umber on the back of the tile . I also carved a direction arrow showing which end was up. I was worried that when I get there and have a Ba-zillion pieces to put up , I wouldn’t know where to put them! Although now I have to take the drywall with me as my guide!

You are probably wondering why not use the paper pattern as a map? Well, the paper got wet from the wet clay when I laid it on and tore in quite a few places. Also I hadn’t drawn ALL the lines, especially the wavy water lines. So now I will have to carry around a giant wallboard map! Oh well. If anyone has any ideas of how to do this better let me know. My husband had a good suggestion. He says take a photo and number it on the photo. He’s smart. One of the many reasons I love him.

TIP: next time, if you ever do something like this …the slabs need to be scored and joined, even though it was super fresh clay (when I made the big slab). They separated later in the most inconvenient places! I worry that even though I fixed some of the cracks- you know how persistent those damn cracks are! Good thing it’s a mosaic/ tile ┬ápiece, so if it cracks I just make it a smaller tile.

I bought this book and it has been a great help to me.

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