Octopus tile sculpting – Day 4 (7 hours)


Another 7 hours spent hunched over the table carving,scraping pushing clay around with my fingers! I love it but my body doesn’t. Let me whine here for a moment- my back aches and I have a blister on my finger! Okay, I’m done and it is all worth it.I love the way it is turn out. I’m very happy with the progress and I’ll have no problem reaching my deadline. Hurray!

Some of the joints are really splitting apart especially at the edges. Good thing it is going to be cut apart into tiles anyway. I just hope none of the splits go through anybodies face! Next time when I put such a huge slab of clay together(6 feet by 3 feet) I will score and slip the edges as I add pieces that come out of the roller. I thought that since the clay was so fresh and wet it would be okay. Not so! It’s like I made a clay quilt but didn’t stitch it together.



  1. Loving every moment of this! I can’t wait to see the color you’ll be adding! We are merciless and uncaring of our bodies when it comes to our art! I hope you have been taking long hot soaks to ease those muscles… 😉

  2. I have a hot tub right outside , so I can soak and relax after a day of hunching over my art. And thank you for the encouragements. As an artist , you understand the drive to create.

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