Boston Terrier puppy litter ready for new homes

I like sculpting dogs. Their little faces are so expressive.All of my married life I’ve had a dog living with us. I can’t imagine a life without a dog. Well except when our standard poodle vomits on the rug.Then I can imagine it. But usually dogs are wonderful family members. This time I sculpted 6 Boston terriers because I love their graphic designer coats. I’m selling what’s left of them on Etsy. 3 are already sold. You get to pick from this litter of Boston Terriers. You let me know your choice by indicating the number in the options pullContinue Reading

Filling the kiln

I loaded up the bottom of my kiln with doll pieces ( Skye) cats and dogs, one anteater, a unicorn( Jesse’s) E.T. ( Cory’s). On the top shelf I put a huge hanging pot for flowers. The pot had a very large crack that I repaired with paper clay I made myself from the clay and dissolved egg rates.( 1:4, one egg rate to four clay),I made a vineyard type thing to disguise the crack. After I let it dry a few small crack reappeared, these I got rid of by using a brush dipped in APT II. A greatContinue Reading

Take me to the beach!

This little beauty wants you to take her and her octopus to the beach in her vintage pink 57 Chevy. I’ll be posting her soon in my Etsy shop as a art print and greeting card. When I can’t sculpt, I draw on my iPad!

Pretty little Skye

I new doll I am working on in porcelain , what else? Now imagine this doll in pink cotton candy hair billowing around her smoldering sexy angel Lolita face with deer angel to top it off. A pink strawberry puff dress , pink stockings, pink sneakers and a magical deer antler staff. In a few weeks you won’t have to imagine it, it will be done. Here is a picture of the beautiful real girl who I am modeling the doll after. Now if I can keep the delicate fingers from breaking before I fire it, I’ll be set. FingersContinue Reading

Steal like an artist by Austin Kleon

I was 17 and it was the first day of art school. The professor took our group into a tiny room with a huge machine. He has a goatee before goatee’s were trendy. “This is the most important thing I’m going to teach you.” He pointed to the foreign machine. “Artist’s steal. Nothing is original. Today you will learn how to steal to make art.” WHAT? I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. No one mentioned this in high school. I was shocked. My little virgin ears were burning.What in the hell was this man saying to me? A littleContinue Reading


This is what’s cooking on my art table today. I had an idea to make doll kits for those of you who would like to try your hand at making your own Katdazzle Doll. I made 6 heads, 14 arms and 14 legs (in case any break). I have so much fun making dolls, I thought maybe you would too. You need a little hand sewing skill, easy stuff, like you did in first grade. The bodies with be soft and made of white cotton. It will be slightly pose able. I’ll have to come up with some sweet packagingContinue Reading

Little Bear

Do you remember Little Bear? my kids loved this book and so do I so I sculpted the characters and am rigging up a display stand. What is your favorite children’s book? Maybe I’ll sculpt the characters!

Rain , a new porcelain doll

  Isn’t she cute? When she is done she will be holding an umbrella, wearing a red raincoat and have black hair with a red rain hat. She will stand on a base with a puddle of water either painted on it or maybe made from resin. She is porcelain except her torso is cloth, stuffing and wire.

Selling on Etsy. What job is your customer trying to do?

I’ve been selling my art on Etsy now for a few years. It’s fun, I make enough money to cover my art expenses, plus extra. But I love a challenge so I want to increase my sales this year. I’ve been researching, taking some classes and trying to figure out how to sell more art. Clayton Christensen put marketing in a different spin for me. He said to think about what “job” your art is doing for the customer. Okay. What job has my art done in the past for customers? Suppose they wrote a position available listing on Craig’sContinue Reading

Oh no!

I opened and the kiln and screamed, “Oh no!”  The life size head of Danny had a slice blown off the back of its head!  Thank goodness it wasn’t the face but still I am so disappointed . What did I do wrong? * Wasn’t it completely dry yet? It’s been well over a month of drying. *Didn’t I hollow it out enough? I tried to keep a consistent 3/4 inch thickness but it’s hard to figure that out. I even stabbed it all over inside with a fork to help release any trapped air. * Didn’t I slip andContinue Reading

Poppycock Puppets