This is what’s cooking on my art table today. I had an idea to make doll kits for those of you who would like to try your hand at making your own Katdazzle Doll. I made 6 heads, 14 arms and 14 legs (in case any break). I have so much fun making dolls, I thought maybe you would too. You need a little hand sewing skill, easy stuff, like you did in first grade. The bodies with be soft and made of white cotton. It will be slightly pose able. I’ll have to come up with some sweet packaging and really good instructions, maybe even a video. You can preorder one, even though I haven’t figured out a price yet. You can always back out later.

P1010801 P1010802 P1010807
  1. Please show us a finished example so we can see how they go together. are you going to sell them finished & glazed OR leave them as lo-fire bisque so we can paint our own using acrylic paints?

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