Pretty little Skye


I new doll I am working on in porcelain , what else?
Now imagine this doll in pink cotton candy hair billowing around her smoldering sexy angel Lolita face with deer angel to top it off. A pink strawberry puff dress , pink stockings, pink sneakers and a magical deer antler staff. In a few weeks you won’t have to imagine it, it will be done.
Here is a picture of the beautiful real girl who I am modeling the doll after.
Now if I can keep the delicate fingers from breaking before I fire it, I’ll be set. Fingers always give me trouble. They break so easy in the green ware stage. I read last night about using APT II and mixing it with the clay and then sculpting it. It’s suppose to make the clay stronger! Too late for Skye, but the next one I will try that for sure. I have tried using my homemade porcelain paper clay for fingers but then it’s not smooth enough.
This doll will have a cloth body. I had a very hard time finding material with a small enough strawberry print. I went to Olie’s a very very old Amish store with bolts of quilting cotton prints stacked floor to ceiling. This little old lady had to climb a ladder to reach up for the print I needed.
Now where can I get pink hair?

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