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Selling on Etsy. What job is your customer trying to do?


imageI’ve been selling my art on Etsy now for a few years. It’s fun, I make enough money to cover my art expenses, plus extra. But I love a challenge so I want to increase my sales this year.
I’ve been researching, taking some classes and trying to figure out how to sell more art.

Clayton Christensen put marketing in a different spin for me. He said to think about what “job” your art is doing for the customer.
Okay. What job has my art done in the past for customers?

Suppose they wrote a position available listing on Craig’s List:
Customer: I need a gift that shows my friend that I am a cool,artsy,different person.
My art: I am affordable, convenient, different.i can do the job for you.

Customer: I need a gift for someone who adores their dog. But it has to be personalized and it has to be their dog
My art: yes! I can do that for you.

Customer: I want something I can hang on the wall with my favorite quote.

Customer: I want something beautiful to look at.

See get the idea?
So what kind of “job” does you art do for your customer?


  1. how do you get customers to ask the question?

  2. how do you get your customers to ask the question??

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