The local animals tile wall is done!

Notice the cat door? I still have to grout and make some small fill in pieces for the bottom and anywhere else that has too wide of a gap. This is on both sides of my studio entrance.



1. I first put tar paper

2. Then I nailed up masonary mesh (a metal wire sheet) it was really hard to cut to size with tin snips. That’s why it is so uneven

3. I mixed up TEC mortar for large tiles and did an initial coat, pushing it into and behind the mesh. My tiles are heavy so I wanted it to have something to grab onto.

4. I nailed a row of nails in to hold up the tiles until the dryed.

5. Next I will grout with sanded white grout.

Products I used:


TEC Skill Set Large Tile and Stone White Powder Polymer-Modified Thinset Mortar


TEC white sanded grout



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