Unoa 1.0

Shoulder to Wrist                5.5”

Shoulder to Shoulder      3″

Wrist                                   1.5”

Neck                                    3”

Bust                                      7” *

(with the large Bust option)

Waist                                     5”

Hips                                       8”

Head                                     7”

Hips to Ankle                        8.5”

Ankle                                    2.5”

Toe to Heel/Foot                   2”

Belly Button to Inseam          2”

Hand width                           1”

Hand length                          1.25”

Unoa 1.5 (off Gentaro’s Site)

Height – 420mm
Eyes – 12mm
Head around… 165mm (6.5 inch)
Flat Chest around – 160mm
Large Bust Around – 175mm
Under Par Bust – 140mm
Waist – 130mm
Hip – 190mm
Shoulders – 75mm
Sleeve Length — 125mm
Leg Length — 203mm
Foot Size — 55mm

The Unoa fits in:

Volks MSD clothing though the MSD clothing is big on her, as well as the SD cutie sized items.
New Tonner American Girl,
Gotz Hip Hop Girls,
some 16” Kish/Tyler/Trent/Daisy and Willow MOD Birds outfits fit.
Some of the Franklin Mint dolls, such as the Rose from Titanic, Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana doll clothes SORT of fit, but they need some adjustments (i.e. loose in area and tight in others).
Cheery Doll and Ajumapama specifically design clothes for the Unoa. There are a number of great designers that do lovely work for this doll and are selling in the US on Ebay now.
Mio is now selling on Ebay, but I believe you can buy through her website.
Corolle’s “Les Cheries” one outfit was tested and it fit perfectly, so I assume the other will as well (please let me know if they don’t or if they do). Doll line “Groovy Girls” has these dresses, which end up more as shirts for the Unoa, which isn’t actually bad for the price (if you don’t mind throwing out the majority of the outfit that is).

For those of you in the UK…here is the link for ajumapama UK:

TY, the makers of Beanie Babies has a line of soft dolls called “Beanie Boppers” that are very similar to the “Groovy Girls” (or is that vice-versa). I tried a few of the clothes on. The shirts come up as half shirts, and the pants are a little too small, but I don’t see why they can’t be adjusted slightly with some Velcro. HEQ for $9.95 for a cut half shirt, I think its worth it.

GYMBOREE carries, on occasion, these little soft dolls, again, similar to the Groovy Girls/Beanie Boppers, but they come in seasonally. I haven’t personally tried the clothes on, but I did see the doll and it is SO similar to the Groovy Girl, I don’t see why it wouldn’t fit or fit with some adjustments. I will update this FAQ when it gets closer to Christmas season as that is when they release new versions of these dolls (per the sales girl in the store).

Friends2bMade is also a great source of inexpensive clothing for the Unoa. All the tops and shirts fit, but the pants not so much.

Mattel has a newer doll called Teen Trends, where the tops will fit on the bigger bust, and the pants ALMOST fit on the Unoa, but they really are a bit too small. For photos, however, you can avoid taking back shots and make due with the pants for the most part.

For Undergarments try Doll Secrets her Kitty Collier lace teddy & Stockings. Kemper actually has socks/underwear size 0 that fit perfectly. They have a pair of white underwear, a tank top, socks, and stockings that fit. They also have tights and black leggings all at reasonable prices and they all fit great.

Also has some dresses that fit, as well as some costumes.


Shoulder to Wrist               5.5”

Shoulder to Shoulder        3.5″

Wrist                                     2”

Neck                                     3.25”

Bust                                       6.5″

Waist                                     6″

Hips                                       7.25”

Head                                     6.75″

Hips to Ankle                       10”

Ankle                                    2.75”

Toe to Heel/Foot                  2.25”

Belly Button to Inseam          2.5”

Hand width   [Left]                1.25”

Hand width   [Right}             1”

Hand length                          1.5”

Base of Neck to End of Shoulder 2.25″

Belly Button to Knee           6.25″


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