What’s on my table today

I spent the day glazing and under painting. A few more Animal People and then I’m done with this idea for a while. But look who’s here! Cheech and Chong portrayed by a walrus and bison. The llama is the main guy from Clockwork  Orange. I forget his name. Is it Peter?

They will be like all the other dolls made with a cloth body around a wire skelaton. I make them this way so their clothes can be put on and off easier. I sew all the little costumes by hand. It’ a fun!

Now many hours later I have almost everything painted and my back is aching from all the close work. I probably should get a higher table. I realized that I somehow forgot to make cheech’s arms! He needs his arms! This is a problem because I don’t want to wait for a whole cycle of filling up the kiln again. So what I’m doing to solve this problem is to quick sculpt some hands , let them dry till tomorrow and glaze them without bisque firing them. Just going straight to glaze firing. He better keep his fingers crossed that he doesn’t blow up.

Arn’e these two sisters adorable? They are my next idea. I’m going to do each season. They are summer and winter. I didn’t go ahead and make spring and fall till I checked if these two would fall off their skinny legs.. I put high fire wire inside of them, but I was so afraid they would crack as they shrunk  around they wire. They didn’t crack! Not yet but the little sisters aren’t out of the woods yet. They can still crack during the glaze firing. So stay tuned to see what happens.

It is a beautiful summer day and I’m sitting out on my screen porch painting away listening to French music. The kids are in the pool, the dog is asleep at my feet. Life is good.

Poppycock Puppets